Can Chiropractic Help Us Seniors Here In Vernon County?

Can Chiropractic Help Us Seniors Here In Vernon County?

Elderly Care at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic

Anyone who knows me here in Vernon County knows my favorites in life are the old, the young, and animals. I have a theory behind my preferences but won’t get into that at this time.

At what age should somebody just quit trying to be active or improve their health? I think the answer is never. We never stay the same, we either get better, or we get worse at any age.

Chiropractic Care for Seniors in Viroqua

In my office here in Viroqua, often hear from the elderly that there’s no help for them because “I’m full of arthritis” or “I’m too old”. The fact of it is I have a very large geriatric practice. The vast, and I mean the vast majority tend to respond very favorably to their chiropractic care.

Not too long ago there was an impressive study put out on the elderly population that utilize chiropractic care comparing them to a population of the same age group that did not use Chiropractic. All other factors such as diet, exercise, and so forth being the same. The only difference being chiropractic care. What the study revealed without a doubt is that the elderly population that utilized chiropractic care on a regular basis lived independently with a higher quality of life longer than the elderly population that did not utilize Chiropractic care.

If you know someone you feel we could help, please have him or her call our office for a no obligation or cost consultation.

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