Happy Mother’s Day – A note from Dr. Erlandson

Happy Mother’s Day – A note from Dr. Erlandson

mothers day at vernon clinic of chiropractic

Hard to believe that May is already upon us and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What a wonderful time to reflect on how thankful we should be for family, friends, and loved ones in general.

Happy Mother's Day!

This month at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic we are acknowledging the importance of our family’s health from grandparents to grandchildren.

Most everyone regards chiropractic to be a neck and back pain profession but it is so much more and we are inviting families, friends and loved ones of all ages to have their spines checked for not only spine health, but also to make sure they’re nervous system is functioning at its optimal. An appliance (such as a refrigerator) will still function even if all the electricity is not going to it. It’s called a brown out, but we all know the lack of electricity can destroy the appliance. We here at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic want to make sure you are not having a brown out in your nervous system.

Call (608) 637-8111 today for a no obligation consultation to make sure your nervous system is working like it should.

Yours in health,
Dr Kris


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