Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

healthy eating by kris erlandson

I have figured out over the years many or even most people do not know how to eat healthy. It is so confusing out there with “FAT FREE”, “SUGAR FREE”, “ORGANIC”, “GMO’s”, “NON-GMO’S”, on and on and on. We here at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic want you to be as informed as possible when it comes to your health. There is truly only 3 food groups. Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Healthy Eating in Viroqua

FATS are not bad for you if you eat good fats. Olive oil for example is actually good for you. How about omega 3 essential fatty acids or fish oil? Of course, this is not only good for you but you have to have it for health. My advice is to stay away from man-made fake fats like “PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED FATS”. Your body cannot recognize these fake fats and therefore cannot break them down and they will accumulate in your arteries.

CARBOHYDRATES are a source of energy for your body. Think of bad carbs (for example white sugar and white flour) as fuel for a fire…..these would be like tissue paper and burn fast without much lasting heat. Think of good carbs (like the kind we find in fruits and vegetables) as fuel for the same fire………..these would be like solid chunks of oak wood that will give you a much hotter and longer lasting fire.

PROTEINS are building blocks for your muscles and organs such as your heart. Proteins are also used in maintaining your immune system and the protein hemoglobin is the part of your blood cell that carries oxygen. Good sources of proteins come from beef (preferably grass fed), eggs (preferably organic and antibiotic free) from free range chickens, nuts and seeds.

Imagine a bright yellow line in front of you……got it? Now, to the far right of the bright yellow line is perfect health and to the far left is DEATH. You are standing in the exact middle of this line and you eat a Snickers Bar, which direction will this take you? To the right or the left? Now eat an organic apple. Which direction will this take you? To the right or the left? My advice is to eat most of your food that will take you to the right side. Do not try to be perfect but do try and do better with your diet. You will feel better, be sick less, and believe or not more than likely lose weight.

FINALLY nutrition can be confusing for sure, so I invite you to feel free to call for a complimentary consultation to see if we can help you have better health! Also feel free to join us for our April Movie Night, we are viewing Hungry For Change!

Yours in health,

Dr Kris


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