June is Scoliosis Month at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic

June is Scoliosis Month at Vernon Clinic
of Chiropractic

scoliosis at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic

Before getting down to business, I (Dr. Megan) would like to say I am very excited about joining the team at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic and would like to thank you for helping make me feel welcome.

June is Scoliosis month at Vernon Clinic of Chiropractic. When looking at the spine front to back or vice versa, we want the spine to be in a straight line from top to bottom. When the spine curves to the side, 10 or more degrees measured on x-ray, we call this deformity Scoliosis.

Scoliosis in Viroqua

The cause for scoliosis is unknown, but is believed to run in families. About 80% of scoliosis cases are found in adolescents 10-18 years of age, but may be present/developed in younger age groups as well. Spinal deformity associated with scoliosis can affect other functions of the body such as walking, breathing, cardiovascular function, pain, and movement.

Early detection of scoliosis can help with prevention of early spinal degeneration and needless debilitation. You can do an at-home assessment of your child, and if you find one shoulder is higher than the other, one shoulder blade more visible than the other, or if one hip is higher than the other, then bring your child in for further evaluation.

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